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Twinkle Toes

Ages 3-5

An enchanting dance program that focuses on the art of ballet for our little ones. This delightful class is specially designed to cultivate coordination and foster a strong sense of bodily awareness in young children. Through playful activities and carefully crafted exercises, our expert instructors guide budding dancers on a magical journey of movement and self-expression. Join us as we nurture your child's love for dance and lay the foundation for their future artistic endeavors. Enroll in Twinkle Toes today and watch your child's confidence and grace soar to new heights!




Star Hoppers

Ages 3-5

An electrifying dance program that puts the spotlight on hip-hop for our little movers and shakers. This dynamic class is designed to help young children develop coordination and a keen sense of bodily awareness through the vibrant beats of hip-hop music. Our talented instructors lead engaging activities and fun exercises, ensuring a thrilling dance experience for every child. Join us as we ignite their passion for movement and self-expression, setting the stage for their future artistic adventures. Enroll in Star Hoppers today and witness your child's rhythm and confidence soar to new heights!

Beginning Ballet

Ages 5-7

A captivating dance program that serves as the essential foundation for various dance disciplines. In this coed class, young dancers embark on a journey into the world of classical ballet, where strength, control, and technique are paramount. With a focus on fluidity, grace, and precision, our experienced instructors guide students to master the art of ballet, instilling discipline and fostering a deep appreciation for this timeless dance form. Join us as we unlock the secrets of ballet's beauty and grace, empowering your child to reach new heights of artistic expression. Enroll in Beginning Ballet today and witness the transformation of your child into a poised and accomplished dancer.


Beginning Hip Hop

Ages 5-7

An exhilarating dance program that introduces young dancers to the vibrant world of hip-hop. Rooted in the rich history of traditional African dance and inspired by the creative energy of the 1960s and 70s, hip-hop has evolved into a dynamic fusion of modern dance, tap, and swing. In this class, students will explore the infectious beats and intricate movements that define hip-hop, blending music and artistry in a truly captivating way. Led by our talented instructors, dancers will develop rhythm, coordination, and self-expression, while immersing themselves in the exciting culture of hip-hop. Join us in Beginning Hip Hop today and watch your child's passion for dance ignite as they groove to the rhythm of their own unique style.

Intermediate Hip Hop

Ages 5-7

The next thrilling chapter in our dance program for young enthusiasts. Building upon the foundations established in Beginning Hip Hop, this class takes young dancers on an exhilarating journey into the dynamic world of hip-hop. Rooted in the rich history of traditional African dance and infused with elements of modern dance, tap, and swing, hip-hop continues to captivate audiences with its fusion of music and complex movements. Led by our expert instructors, students will further develop their rhythm, coordination, and self-expression, honing their skills and unleashing their creativity. Join us in Intermediate Hip Hop and witness your child's confidence soar as they master new choreography and embrace the electrifying artistry of hip-hop.


Introducing Lyrical II

An enchanting dance program that combines the grace of ballet with the artistic flair of jazz to weave captivating stories through the power of music's lyrics. Lyrical dance transcends traditional boundaries, enabling dancers to express raw emotion and connect deeply with the music they move to. In this class, students will refine their ballet technique while unleashing their creativity to tell compelling narratives through their movements. Led by our skilled instructors, dancers will delve into the expressive potential of lyrical dance, honing their ability to convey emotions, connect with audiences, and create breathtaking performances. Join us in Lyrical II and witness the transformative power of dance as your child learns to tell stories with their every step.

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